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About Rindt Vehicle Design

The Germans have a word for the pleasure derived from experiencing perfection- ‘ebenmaßigkeitsentzuckung’. They also have a word for the head-over-heels intoxication of new love- ‘erosrausch’. The joy of commissioning a full nut and bolt restoration of a 1960’s or 70’s Porsche, of taking delivery of a vehicle returned to its as-new condition cannot be fully understood through words alone. It’s to be savoured in seeing one’s reflection in a freshly painted body panel, in touching a pristine chrome door handle, in inhaling the smell of the newly upholstered Connolly leather interior.


Rindt have the combined experience of over 75 years of restoring classic Porsches, employing a team of some of the finest engineers and craftsmen in the automotive trade. We pride ourselves on having a network of suppliers who are able to source even the most obscure part; and if all else fails we have the capability to manufacture it ourselves.

Building a classic Porsche is a collaborative process. Rindt will work with you to conceive the vehicle’s design and engineering specification, offering advice on the selection of a donor car (if needed) and assistance in buying it. We can design and build one off body panels and trim, and craft interiors that either whisper understatement or throw away the rulebook. We’ll deliver you an automotive masterpiece, built to last, from which you can derive endless pleasure.

Rindt’s expert technicians offer all aspects of Porsche servicing, repair, and pre-purchase appraisal on a vehicle. From minor mechanical repairs to a full service, every vehicle arriving at the workshop undergoes a courtesy mechanical check using the very latest diagnostic tools as well as having a comprehensive road test. Rindt can also prepare classic and contemporary Porsches for competition and racing, drawing upon our team’s combined 90 years of Porsche engineering expertise and our very own involvement in motorsport.

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