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Dr Ferdinand Porsche once said of the origins of his eponymous marque ‘In the beginning I looked around and could not find quite the car I dreamed of. So I decided to build it myself’. At Rindt we’ll custom build you the car of your dreams, a 911 or 356 like no other. Whilst many classic car collectors are loathe to tweak or modify in any way a historic vehicle, there has in recent years been a significant trend for reimagining these iconic cars. Rindt are able to design and build bespoke vehicles, melding the latest materials and technologies with Porsche’s timeless designs.


Building a custom Porsche is a collaborative process. From the outset Rindt will work with the customer in conceiving the vehicle’s design and engineering specification, offering advice on the selection of a donor car (if needed) and assistance in buying it. We can design and build one off body panels and trim, and craft interiors that either whisper understatement or throw away the rulebook. We’ll deliver you an automotive masterpiece, built to last, from which you can derive endless pleasure.


Rindt offer a choice of drivetrains; fire breathing custom petrol combustion engines or single/dual electric motor combinations. Both variants deliver wildfire. Other engines are available on request.

We can also restore a car back to its as-new, factory specification while expressing your individual tastes and aspirations. 

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